A lot has been happening

I know, I promised you a post last week, but some major things happened that have impacted my life.

On Sunday morning a week ago, I received a call from the ex.  The police were on the phone, and our storage locker at a commercial storage company had been broken in to, along with 7 others.  Only a few items were stolen, which happened to be mine.  The thieves took five cases of professional equipment, valued at over $10,000.  In visiting with the detective yesterday, it became apparent that this was a targeted theft.  Oh joy.

So that is why you have not heard from me.

Back to the ex.  I arrived home late Saturday night from my long business trip, and I have to admit, I weakened.  I asked her (in a round about way) to spend the night.  What I actually did was ‘tell’ her dog that she had to go home, unless her mommy wanted to stay the night.  She laughed (the ex, not the dog), and I regained my composure.

I’m glad that she was able to look after the house, and frankly, had she not been there, we would not have been notified of the theft until well after I returned and checked the voice mails.  As it is, we have a chance to catch these guys.

Back to the ex.  There was an article in the Dallas Morning News on Sunday that really struck home, and made me feel that I’m no longer alone in this situation.  If you would like to read it, click here:  Dallas Morning News essay

This is a very sad essay, but it seems that there are a lot of women out there who are walking away from what seems to be good marriages to find their own lot.  The worst part is all of the men and families they are leaving behind.

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