Thoughts on new mates.

I had a ‘date’ with the ex on Sunday night. I was helping her with an electronic problem, and I invited her out to dinner. We had an enjoyable time, but she was loathe to call it a ‘date’. I knew then and there that any chance of her coming back was pretty much nil, and so I feel that I’m ready to start moving along.

I have an old girlfriend from way back. We were both too young when we were engaged back in the 70s. I drank a bit too much, and she was a bit sheltered, and I ended up ending that relationship. I still loved her, and found out many years later that she still loved me, but we had grown apart. She popped in my head about 13 years ago, and I could not get the thought out of my mind that I had to contact her. I had no idea of where to find her, so I called her mother. Now, her mom really hated me, and was very happy that we had split up. I wasn’t sure if she would give me the information, but amazingly, she gave me her phone number. I called my ex-gf, and she was fine, and I told her about my intuition that I had to call her. Well, as it turned out, her mother died only a few weeks later, so had I not made the call to her mom, I would have lost touch with her forever.

We’ve communicated over the years, and as it turns out, we both had a lot in common that we have found since we departed. And I fell in love with her again, even though I’ve only seen her one time since we dated. Well, as luck would have it, her marriage fell apart, and she has moved to another city with someone else she was having a relationship with, so I feel that I’ve lost her again. And I wonder… did both of our marriages fail about the same time so we could rekindle our old relationship? Is that what this was all meant to be?

She left for her new city last Friday, and I’ve not heard from her since. We’ve been texting each other for quite some time, and I was frankly surprised to not hear that she had made it to her new home. I’m hoping its just a case of getting settled, but I fear that her new bf is going to be a bit of an overlord to her.

(update: she is all moved in and loving her new area. She seems to be very happy, and I’m very glad for her. I hope to make a trip up to see her and her new bf soon).

In the meanwhile, I will continue to roll with the punches.


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