It’s her birthday – what do I do?

Her birthday is this Saturday (yeah, 9/11). It will be the first family holiday, if you will, that we have not been together as husband and wife. She is going camping with our adult son, and I already have other plans, so obviously we will not be together.

I have been thinking about this for some time, and decided that yes, I was going to get her a present. I got her something simple, a gift card to a store that she likes. I left it on my kitchen table, because she had to come over and drop off some items for me.

She called me and said thank you. That pleased me. I believe I made the right choice on this one.

I talked to another friend last weekend. Turns out he has a marriage that is very similar to mine, although they have been married a few years longer. They married young, kids are all grown, she’s lost interest in sex, and he is afraid of what is going to happen. We both agreed that we have to treat them as birds and allow them to fly away, and hope that someday they will come home.

One thought on “It’s her birthday – what do I do?

  1. Gee, That was very very heart breaking to read, but a person must move on…..I lost my husband & cant have him…… so u must must MOVE on in ur life & date around &
    just have funn in life. Also, If u go on & live ur life…….BUT U can TRY this–DONT ask her out/call her nothing or give her gifts,etc IT JUST MIGHT MAKE HER WONDER….what ur doing & want to come home in a few months. I do know this
    once a RELATIONSHIP ends ITS NEVER THE SAME……… Hugggs from a
    TRUE friend……………Sherre

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