It was a strange evening

The ex had a medical procedure yesterday, one that made her very sore, and I had offered to have her come over to the house, rest, relax, and stay overnight if she wanted.

I was pretty sure that she would not stay overnight, but I knew she would definitely stay during the day. She drove over that morning, and we went to the hospital, and she had the procedure done. We were only there for about an hour, and then drove home, stopping for some burgers on the way back (from our favorite local burger place).

We ate, and then she went to take a nap, and I did some work. After her nap, we drove over to her place to get her dog to spend the day. I had a football game to get to that night, so I left about 5 to go to my game, and she stayed, rested and watched TV. I wondered if she would be at the house when I returned. When I called after the game, she was still at the house, which surprised me. I made it home, and asked her if she was going to stay the night, and she said yes, that she would sleep on the couch. Well, I knew that would not be very conducive to a good night’s rest, especially after her procedure, so I convinced her to stay in the bed. There was plenty of room, and she would sleep better. After agreeing that it would be weird, she agreed, and we got ready for bed.

Well, she was right. It was weird. I so wanted to put my arm over her and hold her like I used to, but I managed to control myself, and fell asleep. Our feet were touching, and surprisingly, she didn’t move her foot away, but I decided it would not be worth pushing any further. When I awoke this morning, I discovered that I was touching her arm, and she was not complaining or moving away, so I guess the weirdness wore off for her. She said that she slept well, and felt a lot better.

So what does this all mean? Honestly, it means that we still have a comfort level with each other. It means that the bridges aren’t burned, and should she ever change her way of thinking, and discover that she does still love me, that there is a path to return to life together.

She is having another operation next month, and will end up spending a week here, where I will take care of her. That should be very interesting.

I’ll keep you posted.

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