When you wish…

Sometimes you get what you wish for.

Sometimes this is not a good thing.

The “ex” has been having some medical issues for the past several years, and those issues reared their ugly head on her last PAP test. She doesn’t have cancer, thank goodness, but what she has is the step right below cancer. So its time for the hysterectomy.

If you’ve followed this blog, you know how I’ve commented on how she changed mentally on “The Pill”. Well, in December she will go off the pill, because she will no longer have her uterus, ovaries, or some of the other parts ‘down there’.

I guess this is a bittersweet ending to my request for her to either get off “The Pill” or get on a different prescription. Now I will see if my thoughts are correct, or if I am full of excrement. (Some think the latter of me most of the time!).

I’ve already volunteered to take care of her after her surgery, and in fact, told her that she will stay at the house at least for a few days so that she can be taken care of. She thinks that she will move back home that weekend, but I’ve been doing some reading, and I’m planning for her to be here for two weeks. I know it will be tough for me, and a bit weird, but hey, I do still love her very much, and I want to take care of her, even though she still no longer loves me.

Of course, I still hope that after she recovers from her surgery, and gets her hormones back on track that she will start to realize what she had, and what she needs.

But for all I know, she will decide its time to take a whole new tack on life.

I guess those are the risks, but no matter what, I’m still planning to take care of her, and I will be there for her.

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