Lies Lies Everywhere

It’s been some time since I’ve written, but a lot has happened since that time. I’ve learned a lot about my ex wife, and its not very good.

Seems that she had been having an affair in the months before she left me for good. She was ‘dating’ a bad boy… they would sneak off from work to do the nasty. (I found out quite by accident). I also found out recently that she had and has been lying to me about quite a few things in our relationship.

I’m still trying to figure out what in the world happened to her to make her start hiding from me. And I’ve not been able to find a legitimate answer.

She moved away last week, out of town. She quit her job of 14 years, packed up her stuff, and moved in with her mother (who by the way, is in perfect health). She abandoned her family, and her friends to move 5 hours away from her home. Her sister and mother came up to load a truck with all of her worldly possessions, and made the trek south. And yes, I cried when we said goodbye for the final time.

Sure, I know that I can make a trip down there to see her, and her mother (in fact, I’ve been invited). But realistically, I won’t have the time or the reason to go down there.

And, after discovering the lies that she has been feeding me, I’m not sure I even want to go.

The funny thing is… she never had to lie to me. There was no reason for her to lie, but she just did. I’m still convinced that she is mentally not there. My therapist agrees, but until she admits it, there is no dealing with it.

So I’m hurt. My son is hurt, and all of her friends up here are hurt.

But we all must go on.

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