Well, expletive deleted!

I made the mistake of looking at my former sister-in-law’s Facebook page today. I needed to message her, and figured that would be the fastest way.
Unfortunately for me, the first thing that pops up on her page is a picture of my ex, and her new boyfriend holding hands in the backyard of my former mother-in-law’s house next to a bonfire.
I remember when she let me hold her hand. I always enjoyed her touch, whether I was holding her hand, or touching her arm, leg, etc. But she grew away from my touch several years back.
It still pisses me off to see HIM holding on to my wife. and HE is with MY family. And THEY have accepted him.
Looks like I won’t get my Hollywood ending here, where she comes back and we live happily ever after.
Sad part? I still love her. I still want her. I keep thinking I have moved on, and then I realize I have a helluva long way to go.

I spoke with a friend from high school not too long ago. Turns out he had a very similar situation. His wife of 27 years just up and left. He still loves her, but he was able to move on enough to find a new love. I guess his new wife understands that just because he still loves his ex, it doesn’t mean he can’t love her too. I feel that way. I will always love my ex, but I also love my girlfriend. Now, we will never marry (I’ve talked about that in past diatribes), but I still love her deeply. And she knows how I feel about my ex, too.

And so, the healing continues.

Before I forget… two things. I want to direct you to a page I found very interesting. It’s gone somewhat viral, so you have probably already seen it.
“16 Ways I Blew My Marriage”

The other thing… if you enjoy this blog, please repost on Facebook or Twitter. I’d love to get a few more people reading this drek I’m attempting to write!

One thought on “Well, expletive deleted!

  1. So this guy I have been dating finally let me come over to his place after 2 months of dating. He has a painting his ex painted of him and her hanging on the wall over his bed. This started an argument between us that has been ongoing because he refuses to take it down. He said he is really close to her and it was a special gift and he could never take it down. He also has other things of hers lying around and I told him all her stuff and this painting make me uncomfortable. He won’t do anything about it, and doesn’t see my point at all.If your boyfriend/girlfriend had stuff from their ex everywhere would it also make you uncomfortable? Am I wrong to want him to get rid of it, or at least put it out of eyesight? Any why is he holding onto it, they are broken up!

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