What a week

The last 7 days have been fairly eventful.

The reaction I had to some news I received this week confirms that.

I received an email from the ex wife, telling me that she is getting married next weekend. My first reaction was devastation, but as the facts started to come in, I realized that I don’t look at her the same anymore. I discovered that she had come to town a few weeks back to see a mutual friend, and our son. She told both of them about the wedding, but told them to keep it secret. (I found all this out from the friend). That made me very mad. How could she play with my son’s emotions like that? He was already going down to see her next weekend, as she was hosting a surprise party for her mom (his grandmother). I had already decided against going, since I figured the boyfriend would be there, but was encouraging my son to go.

He feels as though he was duped in to going by his mother, and is still very upset about it. I told my ex that she needed to apologize to him, but she thinks that everything is okay.

What that tells me is that she is being extremely selfish. She has decided that she will hijack her mother’s special day by having a wedding after the surprise party. And she is telling our son he has to keep a secret from me.

I now realize once and for all that it was not my fault. She has lost her sense of reality, and for that I am sad. I hope this wedding works out for her, but I think she is getting married for all the wrong reasons. She is gone, and I seriously doubt she will ever return.

I wish my ex-wife luck, and I hope she finds happiness. I’ve found mine.

One thought on “What a week

  1. I would be upset if my ex asked my child to be secretive about something. Secrets promote sickness! If she is so happy and proud to be marrying this person, why should it be kept a secret?? Sounds like she has issues.

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