Musings of an ADD idiot

My mind has been very rambling the past few weeks. A lot of things have happened, and a lot of thoughts have crossed my mind. And like a good blogger, I’m going to write about them!

One of the things I was thinking about was my divorce. (Well, duh). I discovered that I’m pissed off about one thing more than others. I know this may sound self-centered, but hear me out. I’m upset because I feel that I groomed my ex-wife, and now some other man is getting the finished product.

Let me explain this train of thought. We dated for nearly 3 years, and were married for 27. During that time, we both grew. I feel that she molded me into the man I am today, as I have molded her into the woman she is today. I truly believe that I influenced her to get her college degree, change her hair color, and exert her independence (oops). In turn, she encouraged me to get my education, and pursue some hobbies that I really enjoy.

I introduced her to the joys of riding on a motorcycle. And now she is married to a Harley biker.heeey-macarena_o_650644

Another thing that has bothered me is the lack of a good job. I’m educated, actually have a brain, a modicum of common sense, and still enjoy learning new things. I have lots of experience, but it seems that if I don’t know a certain version of software, or a certain this or that, then I’m not wanted. Its very frustrating. I just find it hard to believe that society thinks that once you are past 50, you are no longer a valuable worker.

And while we are at it, lets talk about rich people. I have no problem with people having money, but what I do have a problem with is the greed that I see. There was a report from the Economic Policy Institute in 2012 that said that CEO pay had increased almost 726% between 1978 and 2012. The average worker’s salary increase? 5.7% Why do we tolerate such greed? How did we get this way? (I will save those thoughts for another day).

I miss my Gold Wing. I hated the day I had to voluntarily turn it in for repossession, but when you have no money to pay the bills, something has to go. But the money I needed to make was going to some CEO so he could buy a new (something that cost an insane amount of money). I worked hard to pay for my Gold Wing. I feel cheated because I lost my Gold Wing, because I had no job.

Okay, enough rambling for now.

One thought on “Musings of an ADD idiot

  1. I’m sorry you are hurting. I know that not having a job makes it so much worse. I wish you the best. We are all here, men, women, all in the same boat, not feeling the best. Here to vent. You came to the best place.

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