A very strange dream about the Ex

I dream about my ex all the time.  Yes, its been over 3 and a half years, but she still remains on my mind.  I’m always reminded of her, and despite people saying that I have to forget her, its over and done… well, I just have not made it that far.

But I’m in a much better place than I’ve been.  I’m starting to crawl out from my shell.  I’m slowly starting to reassert myself, and that is a good thing.

But this dream I had last night…. well, its one for the psychiatrists to talk about.  Freud would have a field day with this one.

Here is what I remember.  I needed to go see her for something, and was taking my small car down the road to see her.  While on the road, I was sideswiped by a truck and a fifth-wheel trailer.  I knew it was them, but didn’t know it at the time.  (Dreams are so weird).

I only had minor body damage, so I continued on to her house, where I needed to pick up some vitamins, and leave her some papers.  I went inside, but no one was home.  So I proceeded to just leave the papers, and pick up the vitamins.  While I was at it, I grabbed a bottle of water and some Advil to take.  I filled my mouth with vitamins, and water, and grabbed my stuff to put back in the car outside.

When I got outside, in my dream, I felt a gun nozzle on my head, and I immediately knew it was the Ex’s new husband.  I said “Hello, (his name)”, with my mouth full of vitamins and water.  I told him to hold on a moment, while I put my stuff down. awesome-dream-memes-6

Well, the dream fast forwarded to the fact we were all friends, and I was visiting with him.  I told him that I hated his guts because he married my ex, but I figured we would have been good friends had we met under different circumstances.   We talked about sharing photos of her (the nude kind), and he agreed that we should do that. He showed me his Harley, which in the dream was a 1973 model.  I told him that when I got my bike back, that we needed to ride the Three Sisters (a group of winding roads in the Hill Country of Texas, southwest of Kerrville).  He said yes, but not with my ex, as she had caused him to fall over.  I nodded that yes, that had happened to me also (even though in real life, my ex was an excellent BOB (biker talk for “Bitch on Back”).

The dream ended with all of us sharing a beer, and saying we would get together again soon.

It was all so very vivid, but in real life, I can’t see that I would ever want anything to do with the new husband.

I just wanted to share my dream…. and the weirdity that it is.

One thought on “A very strange dream about the Ex

  1. Freud, blog readers, friends..the only person who can give this dream meaning is you. (or to decide it was just your brain trying to make sense of random neurons firing…)

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