Shocking News!

I know… it sounds like one of those stories on the internet that you should never click on, but in this case, the news was very shocking to me, in more ways than one.

And yes, this is about the ex again. I have been doing more cleaning around the house, and I found some of her stuff that I thought she might like, plus I made her a copy of all of the digital photos I had taken of her and family since I started taking digital photos back in 2000. (and I included all of the nudes that I had taken of her over the years, including scans from photos back when we were dating. Yeah, she modeled for me then.)

I finished up the package and sent it to her, and she sent me an email yesterday thanking me for the package, and oh, by the way, she and her new hubby are moving out west. Way out west. We are talking 1215 miles away to Las Vegas. Boom.

This news shocks me in more ways that one. Since we married, we’ve always been close to both our families…at least no more than a days drive. Right now, I live 290 miles from her mother, and can make that trip in about 5 hours. During our marriage, the furthest we ever lived away from either of our families was around 360 miles, an easy day trip. Now she is moving over 1200 miles from me, our son, and her mother and sister. Two days of hard driving, or a three to 5 hour flight (depending on connections).

I know I’ve not seen her in about two years, but at least I knew that I could go down for the day and maybe run in to her. My son has taken trips down to see her a few times when he could, taking the MegaBus from our city to a city near her, and then getting picked up to go see her and the family. He can’t afford the airfare to Las Vegas (nor can I). Even a driving trip is going to cost over $200 in fuel alone, plus food, hotel, etc, not to mention two days each way of hard driving.

The reality is that my ex-wife is going to be isolated from her family. I believe her husband has family in Las Vegas, but I’m not sure. I know his ex wife lives on the west coast. They took a motorcycle trip to Vegas back in May to go to a rally in Nevada, and she had posted lots of photos on Facebook about the trip and friends. But the woman I knew, while independent, wanted to be close to her family.

Perhaps she is taking a new step for her.

Yeah, I know… why should I care. I’ve not seen her in a long time. But I am concerned about my son. He had a few opportunities to move far away, but stayed here, I think because he had family close. Now all he has is me around.

I suppose at some point I will need to plan a trip to Vegas so that I can take my son to see his mom.

It bothers me that I’m bothered by her move to Vegas. I mean, I’ve not seen her in two years, but I still want to. I know I lost her, but there is still a part of me that hopes she will come back.

It’s funny. I had a dream earlier this week that she left him, and ironically enough, he will move to Vegas 3 months before she follows him. Spooky, huh?

So back to the healing.

One thought on “Shocking News!

  1. Don’t worry, she is a big girl and can take care of herself. When your son wants to go visit, airfare will still be cheaper than driving (looked it up, about $200 round trip (sans the “hard drive”).
    I am sure he and his mother can work something out as time goes by to keep them in touch.

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