I got to see her

I had the opportunity last week to see the X one last time before she moves to Las Vegas.

I had to make a trip down to where my son lives and since she’s nearby I asked if we could meet. She suggested we meet for breakfast so I made arrangements and we met. It was early in the morning but fortunately since Daylight Savings Time ended I had enough sleep.  That’s always important you know. So I made it to the meeting place about 10 minutes early and waited she texted me if we were to meet said she was running behind should be about 10 more minutes.

This concerns me because she had to work that morning and we only had a short period of time to meet. But she made it we had a nice breakfast and a good visit. We talked about her upcoming move, and how she was wondering how they would pull it off. Her new husband is already in Vegas, but is planning to come back and rent a truck and drive her and all their belongings to Las Vegas.8c0bdbf4ef0015714ed74d1dc38eea24

She told me about her job plans and how she plans to go back into education.

All in all it was a good visit. She let me give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and that was it. She’ll be gone in about a month and odds are I will never see her again. I haven’t been to Las Vegas in over 20 years and I really have no need to go. Now that my son lives several hours away there’s no need for her to come to my town, so added up and it means no visit. I asked her about Thanksgiving holiday and if I would be welcome and she said most likely not. That surprised me. She told me that her grandmother and another older lady would be there and they were already planning to gang up on me if I showed up.

In fact my son is not going to go to Thanksgiving either. So I’ll spend Thanksgiving with my son

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