Odd memory

I had the strangest memory pop into my mind this morning.  An acquaintance was asking me about the 5th anniversary of my divorce (which was yesterday).  I know this person from a civic club that we were both involved in.

That brought to my mind a memory I had long since forgotten.  I first joined this club in the late 90s.  I always felt a bit out of place, because I was one of the only liberals in the group, and I was also one of the younger members back then.   There were a few times when the ex would join me for club events, so the members also got to know her.

The ex in her sexy red dress

The ex in her sexy red dress

After one of the spousal events, I was approached by one of the members who wanted to see if I would be interested in “getting together”.  (At that time, we were not involved in swinging, nor had we considered it… that would be a few years later.)   I suppose it could have been because the ex did know how to dress up.  She is a very sexy woman, and was never afraid of showing off, or going bra-free, even if there was never any plans of sex.

Well, I never really though anything of this, and politely told the other member that we appreciated the offer, but would not be interested at this time.

And that was the last that it was ever spoken of.  I left the club for a time a few years later, after the spouse of one of the members publicly shamed me as being too poor to be a member of the club.   That person was rather intoxicated at the time, and I’m pretty sure they don’t have any recollection of the incident.    But they said it not only to my face, but also to my ex.  (I’ve often wondered why I even went back to that club a few years after that).


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