The Creepy Guy is Outed

I had a very interesting Monday.   First, I got pulled in to an argument by an internet troll (and I certainly knew better….), and then I got an email accusing me of being a creep, and that I was not wanted at an event I’m supposed to be at this Friday, or any future events from this group.   Needless to say, I was not in the best of moods on Monday.

After consulting with my girlfriend, I sent a note to the leader of the group telling him about the email, and requesting that it not be made public.  I was very insistent that this was to inform him only, and I did not want it disseminated to the rest of the group.


Here is an example of my body as a canvas.

The group is a body-painting group that meets once a month in members homes.  It’s a very non-sexual group, albeit with a lot of nudity.  It is actually quite relaxing to sit down, or lie down, and be a canvas.   I have no skill with painting, but I am very happy to be painted on.

Well, not only did he tell the entire group about it, but he used my name.  He violated my request for privacy.  And I’m pretty upset about the whole deal.   I had specific reasons for not wanting my name out with this, and now the group is boo hoo-ing about the whole deal.  “Oh, we are sorry.”  “Oh, you are not a creepy guy.”   “Oh, you are always welcome.”

First of all, I am totally embarrassed by the whole deal.  While I thought it was important that the founder of the group know that one of his members had been attacked, I would not have said a word had I known that he would not respect my request for privacy in the matter.   Right now, I don’t feel that I can ever show my face at an event ever again.   I do not seek the spotlight.   I prefer to stay on the sidelines.   I’m upset because there is a party this Friday, and I had planned to actually try to paint on someone (despite the fact that I can’t draw a straight line without a ruler!)

There has been a long discussion on the FaceBook page for the group, but no one figured out that there were two wrongs committed (until early this morning).   One guy finally figured out that I had been wronged because my privacy had been violated by the leader of the group.

So what do I do now?   I’m not sure.  I’m very embarrassed by all of this, and I just don’t know if I can face the membership.  This is a very big hoop of fire for me to go through on this one.

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