Ooh, that darn writer’s block!

I’m finally seeing my therapist, and she has a writing assignment for me, but every time I Writers_Block_by_Silvercharmed1sit down to do my “homework”, all I can do is think about my ex wife.  I’m supposed to be concentrating on my past failure in a relationship, but I’m stuck 6.5 years in the past.  I’m not even thinking about “M”, the 11 year girl friend, but just the ex-wife.

I’m not really sure what this means, but that’s probably why I am seeing a therapist now.

I do find myself thinking about the ex quite frequently.   Okay, just about every waking hour.  And I’m honestly not sure why.   She’s gone.  She has been gone.  She is never coming back.  She is very happy in her new life, and she is doing things that she could never imagine doing with me.

I also don’t quite understand why I don’t think about “M”.   After all, we were together for 11 years.  I still see her hubby on occasion (we’ve had lunch a few times), but even though I miss her, I don’t miss her.  I don’t know if I should be troubled by that, or not.

More questions for the therapist, for sure.


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