You should never say “never”

I met a girl.

Not only that, I have fallen for this girl.  Okay, woman.   Female being.

I know, I know.  I always said that I didn’t think I would ever meet anyone that I could be in a singular relationship with, or even one that I would consider as a life mate, but it all changed a few weeks ago.

We met at a Cuddle Party.   Seriously.   I had started going back to Cuddle Parties, and she has been at the last two I attended.  She had moved in from another state, and was still meeting new people, but was a big Cuddle Party fan.   At our second party together, we ended up in a cuddle puddle.  Wow!  The endorphins  were really crazy that afternoon, and I was all giggly, and I’m pretty sure she was also.   We parted after that party, and I got her “number”.  (Actually it was her Facebook profile).

We chatted the next day, and after a while, I asked her if she wanted to go to a pool party with me.   And, oh by the way, its a skinny-dipping party!  (I figured I might as well get it out of the way).  Surprisingly, she said yes!   We went, and had a great time.

And we’ve seen each other since.   It’s amazing how much our lives have been similar.  Both divorced, both poly, both have been swingers.  I think we both regret our divorces, but know that its time to move on.

It’s all moving very fast, but it feels like we’ve been together forever.   Frankly, that scares me.  I know I have to take this slow, and make sure that I’m right for her, and she is right for me.  But so far, its perfect.

But I’ve reached a new level in my life, and I’m happy.   I’m with someone who wants to be with me, and who already knows that I’m damaged goods, and isn’t running away.

This should be a fun journey.

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