Life is a circle. Enjoy the ride!

If you have read my blog over the last six years, you know that I have said numerous times that I will never remarry.

Well, I proposed to R on Sunday.

Yeah.  It surprised me too.  I mean, we’ve only been dating for three months, but she is absolutely the most perfect person for me.  I love how I feel when we are together.  I love how she just touches me when we are in the car.  I love how she smiles at me.  I love how we can cuddle all night when we are together.  I love how we can just be together, and don’t have to do anything.   I love how we do different things.   I love her.   Madly.

And, of course, I’ve already been asked by numerous people what happens if the ex-wife comes back.  And my answer is, she is not coming back.  Its not a question based in reality.   “But what if she does?”.

The woman I married in 1983 does not exist anymore.  There was a time when I would have welcomed her back with no hesitation, but that time passed quite some time ago.  P disavowed just about everything that was a part of our marriage, which to me means it was a sham.

And she never communicated her needs, so why would she start now?  It would just be a road to disaster.

With R, I have what I’ve always wanted.   I have someone I love.  I have someone who loves me.  I have someone who talks to me, and expresses her wants and needs.  I have someone that I want to be with, and spend forever with.

I still find myself in shock that my story has a happy ending.

But I have found my princess.   And I plan to never let her go!

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