Fear Big Brother

Its as if its the most outlandish fiction novel about the US Presidency that one could imagine has come to life, and frankly, I’m not sure that most of my fellow Americans are really concerned about what is happening in Washington.

If you’ve been around any news sources the last 48 hours, then you know that there has been a major shakeup in the FBI, with the firing of Director James Comey.

Now I think, as do many of my liberal friends, that Comey should have been fired after his ill-thought release to Congress about reopening the investigation into the Clinton Email Server, just days before the 2016 election.  I felt that Comey’s release was not only timed to help Trump, but possibly illegal, if not unethical.  But President Obama did not make that move, and it was probably a smart one.  Now, it seems, Comey is a victim of trying to do the right thing, after asking for additional resources to investigate Russian influence in the presidential election.

Now, before you say this is all conjecture, here are indisputable facts:

From “The Telegraph”, London, UK, twitter feed of 10 May 2017

1).  There was Russian involvement in the election, and there has been illegal contact between Trump people and Russia (need I mention Mike Flynn?)

2).  Russia has been caught trying to manipulate other elections, including the recent French election.

Here’s what I don’t understand.   Instead of making everything transparent, the Republican party is doing everything it can to impede the story coming out.  Senator Mitch McConnell has even stated publicly that there will be no special prosecutor in the Russian probe, even though the outcry from the American people is growing.   We saw much less coming during the Nixon Watergate scandal.  So what do the Republicans have to gain here?  What is the end game?

I feel that we are in a dangerous period in our country, and perilously close to our democracy being overthrown.   But yet, many Americans don’t see a problem here.  They don’t see that the Emperor has no clothes, and they don’t see that their way of life is being threatened.
They don’t see how legitimate news organizations are being threatened, and reporters are being jailed just for asking questions.

I don’t know… maybe this White House has been getting advice from Frank Underwood, and this really is a House of Cards!

Here is my suggestion.   Stay up with the news… the legitimate news.   I am a big fan of Politico, and believe they are truly doing a great job of reporting in a fair manner.   I also like what PBS does.   I think they are also very fair and very detailed on their reporting.   Don’t be fooled by the ultra right and ultra left sites, as they will leave you angry and frustrated.

Stay informed.  Ask questions.  Discuss civilly.   Don’t just accept what the right and the left tell you.   And most importantly, get out and vote in the next election.   Get out and vote for representatives that will work for you, and not their party.   Believe it or not, it used to be that way, and its not too late for that to happen again.

And if you like what I’ve written here, please share it.

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