Common Sense at the Car Wash

I work with a full service car wash on one of my contracts, and I have a few tips that I have learned for you to use the next time you get your car cleaned.   You would think these were common sense, but I’m shocked at the number of people who don’t pay attention, or don’t understand.

1).  Don’t leave your valuables in the car.  –    I am amazed at the stories I hear of people leaving expensive watches, purses, even cash in their car.   While most car washes try to hire honest people, those workers don’t make a lot of money.  Most make barely over minimum wage, and leaving something valuable out can be very tempting to those that don’t have anything.  One car wash told me that a customer left a $25,000 watch on the console, just begging to be taken.

2).  If you want your trunk cleaned, open your trunk and let the service writer know.  –    Many car washes do not open trunks as a matter of policy, because many people store valuable items in their trunk.  This is for your protection.

3).  Car Seats should be removed if you want your seats vacuumed under said car seat.   –    Again, this is for your protection.    Most car washes will not remove car seats because of the potential of damage.

4).  Follow the safety rules.  –  Just because you want to have your car washed one way does not mean that is safe for you, or the employees.   Most car washes have set practices to make sure that customers, customer vehicles and workers are safe.   Remember, we are talking about a lot of machinery, and safety is paramount.  Car washes want your business, and they want you to come back, safe and sound.

Car going through car wash tunnel.

5).  Tip.   –   Full service car wash workers do not get a high wage, and your tips help them greatly.  If you like the job, give them a few dollars.

6).  Look at the washes offered.  You may be surprised.   –   The basic car wash (the cheap wash), is not always the best deal.  Some car washes will use less soap chemicals, and less dryers for that low low price.   For just a few dollars more, you can get a wax product that protects the car, and/or RainX ™.  Both of those products will really help your car stay clean, and protect your paint.     Consider getting a full wax every 6 months.

7).  Accidents happen.  –   Let’s face it… no one is perfect.  Mistakes happen, equipment breaks, and sometimes damages will occur.   Check with the car wash and find out what their policies are.  Some will not accept responsibility, but most will take care of the damages.  Remember, they have policies and procedures, and in most cases will need to follow those in order to make sure all are protected.   Be patient, but stay active.

8).  Brushless vs cloth washes.   –   Some washes advertise as brushless.  They can work, but they are putting much more harsh chemicals on your car.  The washes that use “brushes” are better for cleaning.  And the “brushes” are actually very soft cloth.   These are safe for your car, and do a much better job of cleaning and removing grime from your car.   Don’t fall for the brushless hype.

Hopefully these tips are useful.

Thanks for reading!!!

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