Where are we now?

Okay, I’m a liberal.   (In case you haven’t figured that out).

But I’m not a far left liberal… I’m just slightly to the left of center, more moderate than anything.   I believe in responsible government, but I also believe that taxation is integral to having a safe infrastructure.   I also believe in responsible gun ownership.  I do not, nor have I ever belonged to the NRA.   I feel they are so far out there, and are a threat to the American people.

I don’t watch Fox News.   As someone who was an award-winning journalist many years ago, I just can not stomach the way they report the “news”.   Most of their stories are made up, embellished, or rehashed in a way that is unfair.

Now don’t get me wrong… all media is biased, but what Fox News has done is take it to a level that is beyond reasonable.  What I do watch is CNN, CBS, and ABC.   I also look at BBC, Politico, and other sites considered to be moderate.   I try to avoid anything that is far left, or far right.  I want to know what both sides are thinking, but I don’t care for the vitriol spewed by those on the extremes.

Here are my observations.    Those who listen only to extreme view news reports are more likely to be influenced by those same reports.   Those on the right seem to be influenced more than those on the left.   And those on the right are more likely to believe that moderate media is lying to them.

Those who have college education tend to be more moderate.  Those with less than a high school diploma tend to be more on the extreme.   (of those less educated, I find a majority are far right.   I’ve not really seen a trend with the far left, but I don’t get a lot of exposure to far left where I live).

The biggest thing that I’ve seen is the apathy of those in the middle.   Many people are so sick of the left and the right that they have given up… which is exactly what the extremes want them to do.

I believe that if the moderates of the US were to participate in this year’s elections, that there would be some major surprises and upheavals from Congress through the State houses and local government.

I also believe the battle cry has been heard.

I hope that you participate in politics this year.   I hope that you will take the time to engage those running, and understand what they stand for.   (and hopefully they stand for you!).

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